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Robust and compact device for monitoring up to 72 single-phase branch circuits


Facilitate the management of your data center through precise monitoring of electricity consumption levels. This compact unit can be easily integrated into all PDU or RPP type end of line switchboards and therefore located within close proximity of the servers. It can be easily adapted to new or existing installations, and interfaced with your supervision system.


Highly reliable protection for IT and critical industrial applications


Online double conversion technology, wide battery configurability and advanced communication: ITYS from 1 to 10 kVA ensures high availability, operational efficiency and total electrical protection for your business against any electrical disturbance and fault.


ATyS S : A fully integrated cost effective solution to isolate and switch between a main and an alternative power Supply

Up to 125 A

Safe, competitive  and user friendly, discover our new Remote Transfer Switching Equipment : ATyS S

Engineered by “Power Control & Safety” specialists, the ATyS S provides clear technical benefits and differentiation for Genset Standby Power Applications with loads of up to 125 A (< 90 kVA / 415 Vac).


Monitoring and measurement device for electrical installations


The DIRIS A80 is a complete monitoring and measurement device for electrical installations.
In addition to the energy monitoring function, the detection and storing of harmful events for the installation available on the DIRIS A60, the DIRIS A80 ensures the monitoring of differential or RCM currents (Residual Current Monitoring) with TN-S and TT neutral systems.